Meny Lukk
  • 235 kr NOK

    Aluminum Turbo Cooling Fan 40x40x10mm for Motor & ESC

  • 140 kr NOK

    Turbo Cooling Fan 40mmx40mmx10mm

  • 120 kr NOK

    Core RC cooling fan, most suitable for motor cooling in Touring Cars, mounted behind the motor on the chassis. Also used for larger speed control cooling such as 1/8th scale units. Neat black wires for a cool look.

  • 170 kr NOK

    The MR33 aluminum cooling fan keeps your motor running cool and adds a shiny look to your electronic package. The fan operates with a very high RPM in a full aluminum frame for maximum cooling and a long lifetime. The cooling fans are available in 30mm and 40mm for all kind of vehicles and you also have the option of a 25mm ESC coolig fan.

  • 190 kr NOK

    MR33 Moon Style High Speed Aluminum Fan for the perfect engine cooling.
    The fan has a rounded top aluminum housing for a very long life and a very cool look.
    In addition, the fan has a high speed for the perfect cooling of your engine!