Meny Lukk
  • With the MR33 Pocket Scale you can weigh very many different things in the RC field.
    When filling the differential, it helps to always fill the same amount of oil. Of course, you can also just weigh parts and compare them with each other. If you use several scales, you can also check the wheel loads and better adjust the vehicle in the area of weight distribution. Sometimes the scale is certainly needed in the kitchen to bake the perfect cake :-).

    The scale has a working range up to 2000g and displays the weight with two digits after the decimal point (0.01g). A battery is already included.

    230 kr NOK
  • Utstyr for vekting av konkurransebiler. Settet viser vekt på hver av de 4 hulene slik at man kan justere hjulinnstillingene, for å få mest mulig optimal vektfordeling både mellom hjulpar, akselpar og i kryss. Dette er Bluetooth-versjonen der man må bruke sin egen smart-telefon, settet består av 4 vekter som kommuniserer med telefonen for å vise data. Hver vekt kan måle opp til 2kg.


    Maks tyngde på hver vekt: 2000gram
    Toleranse: 0.1gram
    Vekt hver vekt: 70gram
    Størrelse: 68x68x22,5mm/vekt
    1290 kr NOK
  • It`s new weight scale for checking your car`s weight.
    Now you can check 1/8 scale cars. (1/8 GP,EP Buggy, Truggy, etc..)
    Easy to carry (with handle, foldable design)

  • It’s new weighing scale for checking your car’s weight.
    Perfect for those racers who have their cars close to the legal weight limit.
    The maximum load is 2,000 grams.