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  • 40 kr NOK

    Cleaning Brush – Nylon Bristle

  • 50 kr NOK

    Hard Chrome Turnbuckle Wrench 3.5mm Black

  • 125 kr NOK

    Holder til setupstasjon

  • 375 kr NOK

    Luxury Aluminum Part Tray 3 Black

  • 140 kr NOK

    The MR33 product line has a new member: The all new “Circle Droop Gauge“! The new gauge comes in a circle design (diameter: 40mm) and will make exact droop adjustments more easy from now on. Because of its compact circle design, the full machined and black anodized aluminum part will fit perfectly under all 1:10 scale on-road cars and will not touch the chassis, bumper or wishbone anymore while adjusting the droop.
    The droop can be adjusted in 0.2mm steps from 4.0 to 6.6mm which is the perfect range for the most 1:10 scale on-road racing cars. All common 10mm Droop Blocks can be used with the new “Circle Droop Gauge”. With it`s silver chamfered edges the new product will look absolutely familiar with all the other MR33 products and will be an eye catcher on your pit table for sure. The laser engraved MR33 logo is a perfect finish on this latest product from MR33!

  • 245 kr NOK

    The black and beautiful MR33 shock stand is a very helpful tool in the pits while maintaining your shocks. You can use it with almost every 1:10 scale onroad shock on the market and while wrenching, you can also carry some small parts on the tray in the lower section of the shock stand. The shock stand fits into the RIDE Air Remover as well so it is a very clever solution to have this aluminum stand on your pit table from today on! The silver chamfered edges look great and the famous “33” on the top makes it a full member of the MR33 family!

  • 1100 kr NOK

    Muchmore have introduced their new Diff Analyzer device, a tool to measure the hardness of gear and ball differentials. The handy tool is powered by any regular USB output and it was designed to measure the hardness of 1/8th, 1/10th and 1/12th scale diffs by simply connecting the device with the diff outdrive or diff hub, locking the main or diff gear and then hitting the analyzer’s power button. The 5 digit high precision display displays the diff hardness, allowing to measure and compare hardnesses to ensure the most accurate diff action. The device measures 86x38x28.5mm, it weighs in at 84.3g and it requires an additional micro 5-pin USB cable for operation.

  • 195 kr NOK

    Compact size Humidity & Temperature Monitor.
    Easy to use at pit table.
    Big size LCD display
    Press button to easily convert ˚C or ˚F.
    Press and hold for 2 seconds to clear the record
    Comfort display mode. (Dry, Comfort, Wet)
    Use 1.5V AAA size x 1 battery

  • 650 kr NOK

    Coming soon from Muchmore is the Tweakmaster Ver.4 chassis tweak tool for 1/10th touring cars. The anti-tweak rod now features three holes for the antenna, motor mount post and spur gear while the anti-tweak plate is of a thinner and lighter design for easier carrying and storage. The tool, that is used to ensure the chassis, bulkhead and top deck assembly is tweak-free, comes in a protective pouch.

  • 325 kr NOK

    Multi Droop Gauge & Support Blocks for 1/10, 1/12 On road

  • 95 kr NOK

    Perfect 0.5mm Step Ride Height Gauge

  • 70 kr NOK

    Premium Turnbuckle Wrench (5.0 or 6.0mm)