Meny Lukk
  • 375 kr NOK

    Luxury Aluminum Part Tray 3 Black

  • 235 kr NOK

    Practical parts tray made of black anodized aluminum with the famous MR33 logo!

    With this little helper rules from now on order on your screwdriver table.
    Small parts such as ball bearings, screws, gears, and other parts can be perfectly stored during maintenance work on your RC car, and thus also safely stored.
    The annoying falling of the parts from the table is finally history.

    Outer dimensions: 98 x 99mm
    Dimensions small compartments (2 pieces): each approx. 46 x 46mm
    Dimensions large compartment: approx. 46 x 92mm
    Height: 11mm
    Weight: approx. 68g