Meny Lukk
  • RC Maker introduces its brand new over engine wiring guide for your mid engine touring car! Wiring a mid-engine touring car is tougher than ever, and quite complex due to the lack of space under the engine or under the engine mount

    «Over the top» is the only way to go, and this one doesn’t look exhilarating!

    Using the latest High-Temp FDM printing technology, RC Maker has produced a tough, durable, heat-resistant and ultra-lightweight option for you to make wiring your vehicle easier. Featuring advanced PA-12 nylon/carbon material, these wire channels clip onto your engine and your wiring looks neat – no matter what brand or chassis you use or what engine!

    RC Maker offers 4 different cable routing options to suit all engines and requirements.  There are narrow and wide options to route either the controller wire only, or a wider version that can route the fan wire as well as the controller wire. After all, to get the maximum voltage on the fan, many drivers solder the cables directly to the controller!

    At the same time, RC Maker offers small and large diameters depending on what motor you are using. Small diameter for motors with exposed stator, such as Hobbywing, and larger diameter for full size motors with full case and closed stator, such as ORCA, R1 Wurks, or LRP.

    RC MAKER 3D Pro ESC and Fan

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