Meny Lukk
  • Every ball bearing only works as well as the oil with which it is maintained. With this sentence is actually said everything on the subject of ball bearing oil!
    A good ball bearing oil should always be in the toolbox, because the ball bearings need regular care and from time to time a fresh drop of oil. Usually 1-2 drops are already enough to give a freshly cleaned bearing the smooth running it needs. By regularly maintaining and checking the bearings in your RC car, you can always be sure to have an efficient and durable drivetrain on your side.


    10ml MXLR Ball Bearing Oil for perfect maintenance of the bearings in your RC Car.

  • Driveshafts and Gears are under high load, which means at the same time this components are exposed to high wear.
    It’s our goal to minimize the wear without influence of free movement.

    Together with a special oil manufacturer in Germany we developed the MXLR Driveshaft & Gears Oil.
    It consists of well chosen high quality ingredients in a special mixture to reduce wear and stay in place under rotation. For this reason, the oil is very thick and sticky!
    There is still the chance that some oil will «fly away» at high RPM’s – BUT another special ingredient of our mixture will ensure an ongoing lubrication.

    We recommend to check and service your driveshafts once a day at race/test sessions and add 1-2 drops per shaft.
    Our proven 10ml bottle with included metal tip allow an easy maintenance of your RC model to keep it in best shape and on the highest performance level.

    95 kr NOK
  • It is only good to metal bushings, the oil is developed for high temperatures roation efficiency

  • The MR33 Belt Booster is an additive designed to obtain maximum transmission smoothness. Applied directly on the belts and pulleys, it increases their smoothness/fluidity without compromising their resistance. The MR33 Belt Booster protects and reduces the friction between rubber and plastic parts.

  • Our Low Friction Grease has proven to be excellent in minimising wear in dry conditions but also for wet due to how it adheres to metallic surfaces. This also prevents the frustrating issue that most greases have which is the distribution over the car when first applied and run. During a run, the viscosity of our grease will decrease, allowing the grease to flow into the tighter spaces on a CVD, increasing the life of the subassembly due to the increased surface area coverage.

    Specifications & Contents

    • 4g of grease.
    • 5ml Plastic Pot.

    Additional Information 

    1. Remove all dirt and grease from the joint or surface.
    2. Clean surface with brake cleaner (Or Similar).
    3. Apply a thin layer of grease to the surface using a clean driver.
    4. Work into the joint and wipe off excess grease.
  • V-Made Ball Diff Grease

    For Ball differential’s plates and ball.
    Hold tight between balls and plates.
    Ensures exact diff actions.
    Provides consistent performance under any weather conditio

  • V-Made Thrust Grease

    ● Features of V-Made Thrust Grease (5g)
    For thrust plates and balls of ball differential units.
    Provides smooth and exact rotation. Prolongs thrust bearing’s life time.
    The most suitable sticky viscosity has been applied.