Meny Lukk
  • 115 kr NOK

    RC Race Prep Bearing Oil is a lubricant which ensures a more efficient and longer lasting bearing. The oil comes in a handy 10ml needle top bottle for accurate application. Our bearing oil is suitable for the 1/8GP class, yet low in viscosity. This reduces the resistance from each individual bearing on the drivetrain making it perfect for 190mm Touring Cars, Buggys or LMP12/GT!2.


    • 10ml of oil.
    • Low in viscocity.
    • Needle top for accurate application.
    • Child lock cap to prevent spillages.

    Additional Information 

    Application Process

    1. Flush your bearings out with brake cleaner.
    2. Set the bearings aside on an absorbent surface.
    3. Let the brake cleaner in the bearing evaporate.
    4. Apply 5 drops of oil to each bearing.
    5. Leave for 5 minutes on a non absorbent surface.
    6. Revolve the bearing and re apply.
    7. Install your RC Race Prepped bearings.
  • 85 kr NOK

    Our Low Friction Grease has proven to be excellent in minimising wear in dry conditions but also for wet due to how it adheres to metallic surfaces. This also prevents the frustrating issue that most greases have which is the distribution over the car when first applied and run. During a run, the viscosity of our grease will decrease, allowing the grease to flow into the tighter spaces on a CVD, increasing the life of the subassembly due to the increased surface area coverage.

    Specifications & Contents

    • 4g of grease.
    • 5ml Plastic Pot.

    Additional Information 

    1. Remove all dirt and grease from the joint or surface.
    2. Clean surface with brake cleaner (Or Similar).
    3. Apply a thin layer of grease to the surface using a clean driver.
    4. Work into the joint and wipe off excess grease.
  • 65 kr NOK

    Spin Lube for Bearings

  • 40 kr NOK

    V-Made Ball Diff Grease

    For Ball differential’s plates and ball.
    Hold tight between balls and plates.
    Ensures exact diff actions.
    Provides consistent performance under any weather conditio

  • 65 kr NOK

    For universal shafts, joints.
    Lubricating oil which minimizes shaft and joint’s wear and provides smooth operation for long time.

  • 60 kr NOK

    V-Made Thrust Grease

    ● Features of V-Made Thrust Grease (5g)
    For thrust plates and balls of ball differential units.
    Provides smooth and exact rotation. Prolongs thrust bearing’s life time.
    The most suitable sticky viscosity has been applied.