Meny Lukk
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    C.A Instant Pro Fine Extension Type 4 (3pcs)

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    C.A Instant Pro Fine Extension Type 5 Medium Size (3pcs)

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    Perfect Tire Glue(0.7oz) Include two stainless nozzles

  • 75 kr NOK

    Pro CA Off-Road Tire Glue (Medium) (0.7oz. 20g)

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    If you race or use any type of RC car or buggy, glue tips are essential. If your tire starts to peel away from the rim, your performance and consistency will reduce dramatically. Sometimes to the point where the car or buggy is uncontrollable. If a car suddenly starts to react differently to inputs it is most likely your tire has started to come away from the rim so go and check yours now. All top drivers check their tires in between runs for this very reason as it makes such a difference.

    Our glue tips will allow you to glue your tires with precision and make it easier for you to maintain your tires, reducing the chance of glue overflow ruining your tire.

    Specifications & Contents

    • Steel Angled Glue Tips (x10)

    Additional Information 

    1. Remove the wheels from your car or buggy.
    2. Attach the glue tip to your tire glue.
    3. Test the tip on a paper towel.
    4. Peel back the tire with you thumb.
    5. Insert the tip into the gap, add a small amount of glue.
    6. Repeat process around the entire tire.
    7. Let the glue set. (Do not use activator)
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    Zip Kicker Accelerator