Meny Lukk
  • The MR33 wing washers are made from super lightweight and black anodized aluminum for a great look and a perfect and stable wing mounting on every touring car body.


    Content: 2 wing washers with screws and nuts

    90 kr NOK
  • Cutted by a CNC machine, our MXLR Carbon Winglet 40x20mm comply with the maximum winglet size for EFRA and IFMAR events. The round edges are not only a optically benefit, it’s also an protection for yourself and the track marshals in case of an accident.
    The strong 3M adhesive on the winglet backside guarantee an easy and secured installation on your wing.

  • ZooRacing 3-piece 190mm Touring Car Wing Set

    ZooRacing have announced the release of their new 3-piece wing set that includes three different design wings to fine-tune the aerodynamics of most of today’s 1/10th scale 190mm touring car bodies. Included are the wing of the ultra-popular DBX/PreoPard/ZooZilla series, the highly-curved HellCat rear wing as well as the new BayBee rear wing, all moulded from high-quality polycarbonate.

    Also included are a total of six polycarbonate endplates. Using the set comes in handy especially when running ZooRacing’s ultra lightweight 0.5mm bodies that greatly profit from the tougher and less flexible rear wings as they improve overall downforce without adding too much weight. In addition the different shapes of the wings allow to fine-tune the aerodynamic balance if conditions call for it.

    The wing set is usable with all 190mm touring cars that use a 100mm wing post spacing – being it originals or rip-offs.