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    HC-F 1/10 FWD body

  • Bittydesign CA45

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    Bittydesign`s CA45 FWD body was introduced in January 2023 after thorough testing, and a lot of development work.
    The CA45 will be Bittydesign`s first choice for competition in the Euro Touring Series.
    There, the FWD class has been the biggest racing class for years and therefore especially important for all manufacturers!


    1 x CA45 body (Regular Weight/ 0,7mm)
    1 x decal sheet
    1 x windshield masks
    1 x rear wing incl. screws

    Technical specification
    Onroad: Front Wheel Drive FWD
    ETS Approved: ETS FWD, Yes
    Thickness: 0,7 mm
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    This project was born from the desire to expand our range of bodies for the category of 190mm electric models with front-wheel drive.The HIBERYA body represents the best result of performance and aesthetics into the same product, a great mix with modern and aggressive look.

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    The Gorilla is THE FWD body of the ZooRacing brand. It is available in a 0.5mm variant and looks strong. It convinces with an aggressive, yet well controllable driving behavior. Right in the first attempt, the body became winner in the FWD overall standings in the ETS racing series (season #14 2021/22), only to repeat this triumph the following year (ETS season #15)!


    This body is allowed in the ETS season #16 2023/24 in the FWD class (0.7mm version ONLY)»



    • Precise CAD design
    • Special for FWD with balanced body
    • Flat design for high top speed and high cornering speeds
    • Large wheel arches allow clearance in mounting position
    • Special rear section with anti-tuck function to prevent jammed bodies
    • Anti-tuck stiffening also integrated in the side panels


    • Zoo Racing Gorilla body (unpainted)
    • Detailed decal sheet
    • Two-stage window decals (for painting the window surround)
    • Screws and nuts for rear wing
  • ZooRacing Gorilla FWD

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    Gorilla 190mm FWD body shell

    The Gorilla body shell for 190mm FWD touring cars is ZooRacing‘s latest 1/10th scale on-road body shell and our idea of a high-performance front-wheel drive body shell for this ever growing and very fun class. The goal was to create a stylish yet efficient body with advanced aerodynamics, while still offering a somewhat scale look that takes design cues from a famous Japanese hatchback car and meets with current FWD touring car body shell regulations. The Gorilla features a futuristic, compact design with a low roof line, wide wheel arches and a huge front splitter, all of which add to very balanced downforce, which is further helped by a large rear wing and integrated roof spoiler.

    The front of the body features a scale-looking grill section while the sculptured hood further adds to the visual appearance. The wheel arches sport moulded-on air guide plates for exceptional stability, not only aerodynamically, but they also reinforce the fender sections to ensure long durability. The body is topped off by sturdy wing mount posts, which are part of the rear window.

    The Gorilla was designed to offer ZooRacing‘s class-leading features such as the ability to shift the body forth and back by a couple of millimeters for fine-tuning the cars balance and to allow the adaption to pretty much every 1/10th scale FWD chassis.

    The Gorilla 190mm FWD body shell comes moulded from high-quality 0.7mm polycarbonate and uses ZooRacing‘s ZOOlite moulding process for a low weight of only 85g – painted and race-ready – and a very low overall center of gravity, making for higher corner speeds than usual FWD body shells. Part of the package are also the revolutionary 2-step window masks in a new more flexible and stickier quality, that will ensure window frames of pro quality. In a first step all windows are masked using the Step 1 masks. After painting the body is completed, the masks will be removed and replaced by the slightly smaller Step 2 masks, that leave the window frames exposed and ready to be painted in your favourite colour. The result is highly precise without the need to pre-cut or in-body-cut the window masks, ensuring greater satisfaction and less chances of creating predetermined breaking points. The body package is topped of by high-quality wing mounting hardware and a highly detailed sticker sheet including grill, head and tail lights.


    – CAD designed
    – Specialised FWD body shell with balanced front-to-rear downforce
    – Low-profile design for highest top speeds and corner speeds
    – Structured rear end for anti-tuck capabilities
    – Large wheel arches allow the body to be placed forth or back to fine-tune aerodynamics
    – Large wheel arches ensure the tyres will not rub in whatever position
    – Anti-tuck capabilities with structured side skirts
    – The 0.7mm ZOOlite body weighs in at 85g race-ready
    – Ride Height 125mm
    – Detailed decal sheet
    – 2-step window masks. New quality – more flexible and stickier
    – Wing mounting hardware