Meny Lukk
  • 1595 kr NOK

    Fleta Pro V2 brushless speed controller. The upgraded ESC features the all-new Flow-Max2 aluminium heatsink case that now only improves heat dissipation but it also allows to route the receiver and switch wires on the left or right hand side of the case, depending on the preferred layout. Additionally the on/off switch is now of a plug-able design, allowing to use it or to leave it away – the latter leaves the controller permanently switched on. The option of dropping the switch makes for an overall cleaner wiring while also eliminating a possible error source. Also new with the V2 is the ability to use a fan extension wire to power an additional motor fan without soldering it to the battery terminals and on top of this the speedo now supports HV servos by offering a powerful 6V/7.4V 8A BEC system.

  • 310 kr NOK

    Fleta Programmeringskort.
    Kan brukes med Fleta Pro, Stock og Euro regulatorere.

  • 495 kr NOK

    Hobbywing XeRun XR10 Justock 60A Brushless ESC

    60A Børsteløs regulator, kompatibel med de fleste børsteløse motorene på markedet både med og uten sensor. XR10 leveres uten kontakter og programmeres via programmeringskort (se anbefalt tilbehør).

    Størrelse L33,5 x B28,5 x H30,5mm
    Vekt 59,8g uten kabler og kjølevifte

  • 975 kr NOK

    FLOW-MAX2™ Air hole designed maximum cooling through various tests.

    FLETA EURO V2 ESC has RPM Limit mode functions.
    Using the RPM Limit mode, ESC control the limit RPM when your driving. This mode more fair control stock race. This function operate «Blinky V3.0_25RE2» firmware, Easy setup change of Normal Blinky mode and RPM limit Blinky mode with out firmware update .
    FLETA EURO V2 is the black translucent case, so you can easily check the mode.

    Battery power directly supply to the cooling fan, be able to do more high RPM cooling to ESC, Motor. ESC had separate motor cooling fan port, no needs soldering for the motor cooling fan wire.

    – Optional Part-
    MR-TU25FAN Turbo Cooling Fan 25x25x10mm
    MR-TU30FAN Turbo Cooling Fan 30x30x10mm
    MR-TU40FAN Turbo Cooling Fan 40x40x10mm

    FELTA EURO V2 ESC Cooling fan is directly connected to the battery. However, if ESC turns off, the cooling fan will operate even. So battery voltage may drop if left unattended for a long time.

    FLETA EURO V2’s internal switch makes the wiring convenient.
    – Power On/Off
    – Calibration Setup
    – RPM Limit Blinky mode <> Normal Blinky mode

    If you want to change Blinky mode, With the power on Press setup button successively 3 times .
    You can check which Blinky mode with LED status.

    Normal Blinky mode: Green Fast Flashing
    RPM Limit Blinky mode: Green Flashing twice and Red flash once

    FLETA EURO V2’s compact & lightweight design, will make variety layout and spacious space on chassis. more easy adjusting the chassis balance.
    Included 20x20mm ESC Cooling Fan and Motor connectors Female 3pcs, Male 3pcs

    [High Current BEC Ver.]