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  • Ufattelig liten og lett 120A børsteløs regulator fra Hobbywing, kun 46,7g. Beregnet for bruk med 1s LiPo eller 3-4celler NiMh og sensor baserte motorer. Leveres med ledninger men uten kontakter. Kan programmeres med LCD programmeringsboks eller via WiFi modulen (må kjøpes separat). 6V 3A BEC.

    Størrelse 37,5 x 31 x 15,9mm
    Vekt 46,7g

    Hobbywing XeRun XR10 Pro HD

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    2250 kr NOK
  • From CORE RC is this PACE 95R Brushless Speed Control.

    Especially designed for 1S, 3.7V vehicles, such as GT12 and LMP12.

    BRCA Legal !


    – PACE 95R – Brushless 95Amp Electronic Speed Controller.
    – Supports 1S LiPo or 3 Cell NiCd/NiMh Battery Pack.
    – Forward/Brake with Reverse or Forward/Brake Options.
    – Adjustable Low Voltage Cut-Off Protection.
    – Easy Single Step Set Up System.
    – Digital Program Card available (CR818) (Required to adjust set up parameters)
    – Sensored or Sensorless operation.
    – Fan Included.
    – Built in one touch On/Off button with LED.
    – Alloy case for great cooling.

    Technical Specifications

    – Continuous current: 95A (1:10)
    – Burst Current (10 Sec): 600A
    – Battery Input: 3.7-3.8V LiPo 1S or 3.6v NiCd/NiMH 3 cell pack.
    – BEC Output: Linear 6.0/7.4V adjustable/2A
    – Weight (Not including fan): 50g
    – Dimensions: (Including fan): 38L x 36W x 31H mm.

    Items Included

    – Speed Control
    – Power Capacitor
    – 30x30mm Fan
    – 190mm Sensor lead.


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    895 kr NOK
  • FLETA PRO V2 Revolution1S Brushless ESC Black

    Muchmore have introduced their new Fleta Pro V2 Revolution 1S brushless speed controller for 1/12th scale applications. Featuring a redesigned all-aluminium case the controller offers better heat dissipation compared to the previous variant while the internal switch system makes wiring a lot more convenient. On top of this the integrated on/off switch also acts as a status LED signal and setup calibration button. Included with the controller also comes a new SHR program card connection wire that is needed to access the ESCs various software parameters