Meny Lukk
  • 1395 kr NOK

    As the name suggests this speedo is suitable for use with 1S batteries and therefore aimed at 1/12th scale use. Made using a full aluminium case for better heat dissipation and therefore able to have higher current, its internal switch makes the wiring simpler as it removes the need for an external switch. A very small footprint (30.5 x 36.5 x 16.5mm) allows more options for its placement thus making balancing your car easier.

  • 1590 kr NOK

    FLETA PRO V2 Revolution1S Brushless ESC Black

    Muchmore have introduced their new Fleta Pro V2 Revolution 1S brushless speed controller for 1/12th scale applications. Featuring a redesigned all-aluminium case the controller offers better heat dissipation compared to the previous variant while the internal switch system makes wiring a lot more convenient. On top of this the integrated on/off switch also acts as a status LED signal and setup calibration button. Included with the controller also comes a new SHR program card connection wire that is needed to access the ESCs various software parameters