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  • 240 kr NOK

    Introducing Contact Tyres first Touring Car rubber tyre. The new Contact A30 is a preglued tyre build designed for indoor carpet racing. The A30 tyre has been developed and tested by Schumacher Racing’s experienced staff and team drivers to provide excellent traction and wear rates for the vigour’s of carpet racing.


    The A30 is built on a Schumacher Revlite 24mm wheel and lightweight black foam insert usually found in other popular carpet spec tyres.

    Glued using Schumacher’s in house automated gluing process which accurately controls the glue flow rate and quantity to ensure perfectly glued tyres every time.

  • 300 kr NOK

    Kontrolldekk for SørCup 2022

  • Rush 32X Preglued Tire

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    300 kr NOK
  • 250 kr NOK

    Rush 36

  • 300 kr NOK

    RUSH Tyres especially selected for carpet racing.
    Pre-Mounted and expertly glued with a lightweight foam insert and a stiff RUSH wheel. Great life and excellent traction. EWS Winter series control tyre 2021-22.

  • Shimizu D01J Wet Pre-Glued - pk4
    455 kr NOK

    Chosen as the control tyre for the BRCA nationals since 2012. A fantastic wet weather tyre, built with the Shimizu D01J wet tyre, Schumacher Revlite wheel and yellow moulded insert.

    Please note these tyres are very soft, do not rev a car hard when on a car stand with no load on the tyres or stranded off track such as on the grass.

    The V3 version of the popular rain tyre is now manufactured by Schumacher as shipped from us from 04/12/2020. Increase in direct material cost beyond our control has unfortunately meant the price has had to rise. Performance should be similar or better than the V2 version.

  • 225 kr NOK

    Sorex Glued 32R+Yellow+Revlite24 pk4 BRCA

  • Volante 28 V5

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    195 kr NOK

    The new «T» type tire carries the same high quality combination from the original V5, however with a new minimal air gap and new «Tough» rubber content. Making this the ideal tire choice, if longevity and stability is your preference.
    Best performs at indoor carpet tracks.

    The latest establishment from Volante’s tyre development brings you the premium Volante V5 tyre. Developed by Word Champions, the Version 5 combines maximum speed with maximum longevity.
    Tested on a variety of tracks around the world, the V5 provides superior traction to any other tyre, whilst limiting the «drop off» experienced by many other tires on the market. The tyre and wheel combination is perfectly true, meaning no vibration when driving. Minimum excess moulding material makes it unnecessary to «sand» or «cut» the line from now, making it less time consuming and risky preparing new tires.
    Volante V5’s will be able to provide you with premium traction and longevity in any condition.

  • 310 kr NOK

    New Volante 32 V9 Spoke Wheel

  • Volante 36 V7

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    195 kr NOK

    Volante V7 36  Tire

  • 310 kr NOK

    New Volante 36 V9 Spoke Wheel

  • 320 kr NOK

    The Volante V9X Series tires are based on the famous Touring Car compound known as the Volante V5 Series which was the tire of choice at the Euro Touring Series for many years in the past!
    The new “V9X Series” tires inner profile dimension and inner belt design is entirely new.
    Big size track tested on both high and low bite conditions revealed stunning stability, amazing cornering ability in both tiny or open tracks and a great ease of driving performance.
    Designed to offer an improved life span the V9X Series is meant to last two to three times longer than the previous Volante V8 Series.