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  • ST69-00-R Optional Linear Spring Screw for AT119 Progressive Spring Screw Holder with 0% progression.

    This «R» version features a 0,8mm extended shaft and thread.

    Contains 2pcs ST69-00-R

    ST69-00-R Linear Spring Screw

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    105 kr NOK
  • Optional ST122-1 Damper screws with OR2005V O-Rings.

    Benefits of this set are:
    – ST122-1 doesn’t need much tightening for good sealing. The thread in damper case will last longer.
    – ST122-1 keeps better sealing at big expansion of the damper case in hot conditions.



    8pcs ST122-1

    8pcs OR2005V

    ST122-1 Damper Screw set x

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    175 kr NOK
  • ST05-R adds «friction type» damping into the suspension operation. ST05-R slides along ST102 with noticeable friction at suspension travel.

    Friction damping feature: more compression of suspension = more damping, even at low speed of suspension.
    Oil damping feature: more speed of suspension travel = more damping. Small damping at low speed of suspension.
    With ST05-R the car rolls and dives slower and responds to the steering input faster.
    A800R damper settings which were good with ST205 rods, should be 10…25% softer when usind ST05-R.

    4pcs ST05-R

    ST05-R Damper Rod x 4

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    190 kr NOK
  • Awesomatix SPR23-R Shock Pointer  x 4
    Optional 1mm thick version of «SPR23» for easier spring adjustment via DG1X gauge.


    contains: 4x SPR23-R

  • Spare OR2005V O-Ring for use with ST122-1 Damper Screws.


    8pcs OR2005V

    OR2005V ST122-1 O-Ring x 8

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    50 kr NOK
  • C07R – Carbon Bumper R is designed for use with P14-1-R Lower bumper.

  • Awesomatix BW27 Rear Stiffener 27g.

    Rear stiffener for A800R car.


    contains: 1x BW27

    BW27 Rear Stiffener 27g.

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    275 kr NOK
  • AT248 reduces the local load on the area of the front bumper center mounting screw on the lower deck.
    This reduces the chances of a lower deck damage at frontal impacts.
    Recommended for carbon lower deck in A800R car.

    Slight modification of the plastic bumper P14-R-1 is needed.

    For installation cut the center pin on P14-1-R and increase the hole till ID 5mm.

    Explanation pictures are attached.

    AT248 contains:

    1pcs AT248

  • The AT143 ARB Stiffener increases stiffness of the anti-roll bar up to one step.
    +1 step stiffness increasings means that 1.0 mm bar acts like 1.1 mm bar
    1.1 mm bar acts like 1.2 mm bar
    1.2 mm bar acts like 1.3 mm bar
    1.3 mm bar acts like 1.4 mm bar.
    1/2  and 1/4 steps of increasing are possible to set.

    See Instructions attached as picture.


    2pcs AT143

    4pcs SS3X3

    AT143 ARB Stiffener x 2

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    165 kr NOK
  • Awesomatix AM279 Rear Belt Tensioner for A800R.
    Mounted on the chassis, right behind the motormount.
    Further reduces belt skipping on the rear pulley and extends the lifespan of the belts.

    1pcs AM279
    2pcs B84RS
    1pcs SB25x5

    AM279 Rear Belt Tensioner

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  • Awesomatix P64 Rear Body Holder


    contains: 1x P64

    P64S Rear Body Holder –

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    70 kr NOK
  • Optional Alloy Battery Holders for A800R.
    Width for battery adjustable via sliding the AM280R in and out.
    Length for battery adjustable via P68 Battery adjusters (kit parts).

    Only suitable for A800R.
    Total weight: ~6g.


    2pcs AM280R

    2pcs AM15-R

  • Awesomatix AM15R Battery Nut x 2.

    Only suitable for the use with AM280R.



    2x AM15R

    AM15R Battery Nut x 2

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    175 kr NOK
  • Awesomatix AM19-LTL Upper Arm Holder x 2
    In normal positions these holders provide +1mm longer top link compared to AM19R.

    Reverse mounting is also possible to get extra long top links which are ~10mm longer than AM19R.
    (requires optional AT25-2 turnbuckles!).

    It also offers an intermediate mounting position which provides ~8mm longer top links.
    AM19-LTL should be mounted reverse for that. One link mounted on the AM19-LTL and the other link on the Bulkhead.
    (requires optional AT25-2 turnbuckles!).

    +1mm longer top links layout with AM19-LTL is recommended for carpet tracks.
    +10mm and +8mm extra long top links layout with AM19-LTL is recommended for asphalt tracks.

    See the product pictures for reference of the mounting positions.


    contains: 2x AM19-LTL


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    275 kr NOK
  • Awesomatix AM280R Alloy Battery Holder x 2.

    Only suitable for the use with AM15R.



    2x AM280R

    AM280R Battery Holder x 2

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    275 kr NOK