Meny Lukk
  • A800-AM177-2

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    580 kr NOK

    AM177-2 Motor Mount for A800MMX/A made from high grade 7075 T6 alloy.
    The new version features an increased slot for the ESC wire to allow an easier electronics installation.
    Additionally, the AM177-2 has the Belt Anti Skip unit integrated
    To make use of this, you need additionally 1x B73SS ball bearing and 1x SB3X5 screw.
    (INFO – A800-BAS set is not suitable to use with AM177-2)
    It’s a direct replacement for AM177.

  • A800-AM78X3

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    210 kr NOK

    AM78X3 Bulkhead made from high grade 7075 T6 alloy.
    This version features slightly modified end tips to further extend the clearance of the steering link at full lock under suspension up travel.

    It’s a direct replacement for AM78X1 and other previous versions of the Bulkhead.



    1pcs AM78X3

  • A800MMX-STS Stickers Sheet

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    55 kr NOK
  • 415 kr NOK

    AM06WL provide the same car width as AM06W but at 0,75mm lower position for the lower ST03 ball stud.

  • AM06WL-US Steering Block x

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    400 kr NOK

    AM06WL-US provide exact same sizes as AM06WL.
    It has the same nimble for identification on the lower leg than AM06WL, but no flex cut out.

    Info: Parts with «US» designation are especially designed for the use at tracks with hard boards/barriers.
    During the different design compared to the standard parts, the «US» parts are more reliable at impacts.
    Basically this optional parts are a bit more heavy than standard parts.

  • AM08-3 Shocks Holder

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    175 kr NOK

    AM08-3 Shocks Holder for A800MMX/A800MMXA.
    Used in front of the car to increase chassis frame flex.
    Also suitable for A800/X/Evo car kits.


    contains: 1pcs AM08-3

  • AM105 MMX Rear Stiffener

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    220 kr NOK

    Rear chassis stiffener for MMCX Conversion Set.

  • AM105H MMX Rear Stiffener

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    290 kr NOK

    AM105H MMX Rear Stiffener.
    Heavier version (30g. total weight) of AM105.
    Useable with all Middle Motor chassis.

    1x AM105H

  • AM126 HRB Mount

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    155 kr NOK

    AM126 HRB Mount made from 7075 T6 Alloy.

  • AM12X – Battery Holder

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    185 kr NOK
  • AM14LS Steering Arm x 2

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    175 kr NOK