Meny Lukk
  • With the universal MR33 steel battery weight you can get the balance in your car close to perfection while lowering the center of gravity at the same moment. The weight is only 0.6mm thick and has a total weight of 28g. It will fit perfectly under every standard size 2S lipo pack and is a great setup option if you use very light packs between 220 and 260g in your car.

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  • MR33 offers some different “under lipo weights” for the very popular Yokomo YZ-2 Buggy. The steel weights can be installed very quickly under the shorty battery and you can fine tune the handling of your YZ-2 in a very noticeable way with the range of MR33 weights!

    95 kr NOK
  • Core RC brass weight measuring 92 x 47mm and with 1mm thickness to allow you to position weight directly under your 1S or 2S shorty battery for the lowest centre of gravity. Super flat with Core RC logo etched on.


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