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  • IMPACT 8350mAh/3.7V 130C

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    695 kr NOK
    New 1S IMPACT Silicon Graphene Li-Po Battery release.


    IMPACT Li-Po 8350mAh 3.7V 130C is fit 1/12 scale racing and other classes.

    Provide maximum power and increase run time.

    – Specifications –
    Capacity 8350mAh Voltage Input 3.7V
    C-rate 130C Dimensions (LxWxH) 92.5 x 46.7 x 18.5mm
    Weight 161.5g Connector Type 4mm
  • 495 kr NOK

    New for 2022 are Intellect’s PT2 series range of awesome LiPo’s. Metallic green lettering distinguishes them for 2022.

    2 years of technological improvement for the 2022 versions see’s improvements in power and runtime in the same size cases.

    Huge range of batteries for all applications and required weights for perfect chassis balance and centre of gravity.

    All the batteries have a burst current of 120C and have LIHV technology.

    As always with intellect LiPo’s they are excellent value for money.

    BRCA/EFRA legal as of April 1st 2022.

    152g Long Runtime – LMP12, GT12

    Read all instruction before use.


    Dimensions – Height & Length & Weight

    • 18.5mm x 93mm x 47mm
    • 8800mAh
    • 120C
    • 3.8v
    • 4mm connector
    • 152g
  • 795 kr NOK

    Nosram Graphene-4.1 8100mAh 3.7V 120C/60C 1S LiPo Battery