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Volante Tyre Essence YELLOW – Dekkrens

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Volante Tyre Essence YELLOW – Dekkrens

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Volante Tyre Essence YELLOW works on both new and old rubber tyres.
It is designed for use on both On-road and Off-road applications.
It increases the traction level during a run and preserves the tires to be at their best condition for the following runs.

Volante Tyre Essence YELLOW softens and restores old tires to their natural form. The Coefficient of friction is increased through cleaning, rejuvenating and resurfacing, while the softening effect gives marginal increased contact patch between the tire and track surface.

Quite different from additives, this essence softens the compound within the tires, thus maintaining consistency throughout the race. Since this is a cleaner, it can be used in conjunction with any tire additive.
This formula has an even greater effect on the tire in hot conditions.

Use after 1~5 minutes cleaning then driving or next step of tire additive .
If need more soft compound you can more long time neglect.


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