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Touring Car Wheel Arch Cutting Jig

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Touring Car Wheel Arch Cutting Jig

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This new Touring Car Wheel Arch Cutting Jig is a must for any Touring Car Racer.

The jig ensures accurate and repeatable cutting out of wheel arches time after time. One of the most tricky parts of body prep is now made super simple.

– Simply set your car to the required ride height and position the body shell to your desired height.

– Position the jig flush with the outside of the body shell and locate the centre of the axle through the hole in the tool. The end radius is different from side to side to prevent body tucks so ensure the jig’s orientation is correct.

– Hold the jig and draw round the inside with a fine marker pen and then carefully cut to the line with a pair of curved scissors.

– The jig can also measure wing overhang with the handy 10mm step.


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