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SMJ SILVER LINE SPRING TS2.8 (Short/Blue/2pcs)

SMJ SILVER LINE SPRING TS2.8 (Short/Blue/2pcs)

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SILVER LINE SPRING TS2.8 (Short/Blue/2pcs)

Our R&D team who designed HPI Silver Springs, the ever-popular springs among 1/10 electric touring car users, developed the latest shock springs to be new world standards. The latest shock springs boast perfect balance of materials, surface finish, and measurements, which were only attained by experts who know all about shock springs.

New standard Short-type shock springs (20mm). We selected wire 1.4mm in diameter and accurately coiled and plated it. All the shock springs in different spring rates have the same specifications other than the number of turns in a coil so that it is easy to feel the difference between springs in different rates. Blue: 5.75 Coils




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