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Shimizu D01J Wet Pre-Glued – pk4

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Shimizu D01J Wet Pre-Glued – pk4 BRCA-V3

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Chosen as the control tyre for the BRCA nationals since 2012. A fantastic wet weather tyre, built with the Shimizu D01J wet tyre, Schumacher Revlite wheel and yellow moulded insert.

Please note these tyres are very soft, do not rev a car hard when on a car stand with no load on the tyres or stranded off track such as on the grass.

The V3 version of the popular rain tyre is now manufactured by Schumacher as shipped from us from 04/12/2020. Increase in direct material cost beyond our control has unfortunately meant the price has had to rise. Performance should be similar or better than the V2 version.


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