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FlexBumper for Awesomatix A12

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FlexBumper for Awesomatix A12

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The MXLR FlexBumper is 3D printed with thermoplastic polyurethane for the optimal strength and flexibility!
– absorbs hits better and doesn’t transfer them as much into the chassis structure
– more robust and sturdy
– it always goes back to original shape and don’t drag on the floor after a crash
– improved style/optics 🙂

Our MXLR FlexBumper for the Awesomatix A12 offers the original shape! It’s a direct replacement for the kit foam.
Only change we made, is that we removed the recess area on the lower side. Our tests showed that more ground clearance is a advantage, especially on carpet with higher floor/fuzz. This reduces touching and dragging on the ground and keeps the corner speed higher!

Weight comparison:
MXLR FlexBumper = ~5,5g.
Original Kit Bumper = ~3,5g.


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