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MR33 Body Stiffener 1:10 Onroad

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The MR33 Body Stiffener is the perfect solution for lateral stiffening of touring car bodies.
Especially when using lightweight 0.4 or 0.5mm bodies, body stiffening has become a MUST HAVE.
Especially on outdoor tracks, the vehicles are often exposed to strong winds, or even violent bumps.
The unwanted «sideways folding» of the body is prevented with the MR33 Body Stiffener.

The special feature of the MR33 Body Stiffener is the ultra-flexible material at the base center part.
It adapts to the original shape of the body roof very easily when glued on, and prevents a change in the original shape of the roof.
At the sides of the body, the Stiffener can be attached either with double-sided adhesive tape, or with screws.

Weight of the MR33 Body Stiffener: approx. 1.7g

Technical specification
Body Shell Accessories: Body Clips, Body Protection / Repair, Mounting Systems