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Mezzo 1/10 Rear – Yellow – pr

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Mezzo 1/10 Rear – Yellow – pr

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The Mezzo has a completely new carcass design, where development has focused on the thickness of the profile to support the pin and improve its life.
The Mezzo has a varied pin type across the tyre, enabling it to be more suitable to a wider variety of track conditions, including long and short pile astro. The pin type gives improved side traction whilst maintaining forward traction.

The Mezzo lasts longer and has better bump handling , due to its taller sidewall profile.
The Mezzo front 4WD tyre is aimed at longer pile astro and lower gip. Pins can be cut to reduce traction if required.
For 2WD we are still recommending the U6770 Low Profile Cut Stagger combined with Mezzo rear, for a longer life tyre set up.
Ultimately the popular Dart tyre could be faster over a single run in some conditions, but life is much extended with the Mezzo. It’s a great all-rounder.
Ultimately the Mezzo is aimed at Astro, Yellow compound for dry high performance, Silver for wet and Blue for longer life.

Recommended Inserts

4WD front insert recommended for Yellow’s is;
U6669 Foam Tyre Inserts; Hard (pr).

For Silver or Blue compound is;
U6733 Foam Tyre Insert; Med – Front – CAT (pr)

The U6734 Foam Tyre Insert; Med – Rear – CAT (pr) is recommended for both Yellow, Silver or Blue rear tyres.


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