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Magic Repair Glue (Refill)

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With the Magic Repair Glue from MR33, the quick repair of various things becomes child’s play.
Especially for repairing small cracks or kinks on RC car bodies, the Magic Repair Glue is perfect.
However, the glue can also be used to glue together parts made of plastic, carbon fiber, and other materials.

An important property of Magic Glue is its flexibility.
Unlike a usually very hard and brittle superglue, the Magic Glue always remains somewhat flexible.
Therefore, it is especially for patching and repairing your car bodies the ultimate weapon.

The glue can be applied with the enclosed glue tip very clean and neatly dosed.
MR33`s Magic Glue has a great consistency. It is not too thin (hardly runs) and not too tough like ShoeGoo.

This glue is designed to be used with the UV light from the Magic Glue SET (MR33-MRG-SET)

Features of the MR33 Magic Repair Glue:

  • The perfect repair glue for the modeling field
  • Especially suitable for Lexan bodies
  • Very good dosage due to optimal viscosity
  • Reclosable bottle
  • Produced by ORCA
  • Contents: 15g Magic Glue

Danger warnings:

  • The glue must always be kept out of reach of children!
  • If the eyes or mucous membranes come into contact with the glue, an immediate visit to the doctor is recommended!
  • Never look directly into the switched-on UV lamp!
  • Always close the adhesive well after each application!