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FLETA ZX V2 7.5T Brushless Motor

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FLETA ZX V2 7.5T Brushless Motor

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FLETA ZX V2 7.5T Brushless Motor
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Muchmore Racing have introduced the Fleta ZX V2, a brand new motor that guarantees maximum power and efficiency. Featuring a heavily machined can, the Flow-Max 2 Cooling System allows for superior cooling, enhancing the cooling efficiency by 15% in comparison to their previous motors, which is great achievement in terms of keeping the motor performance as high as possible. In addition, the High Power new stator design approach doesn’t use a separate insulator, therefore having less weight and further improved cooling as well as very low internal resistance in exchange for surprisingly high output power. The ZX V2 motor also incorporates ‘maximum low resistance copper wire’ that allows low internal resistance which results in large power output increase.




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