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CORE RC Big Bore Spring Tuning Set; Long 7prs

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CORE RC Big Bore Spring Tuning Set; Long 7prs

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Core RC are pleased to bring you these new Progressive Big Bore Springs for 1/10th Off Road.

These high quality precision made springs allow the car to float over bumps but not roll too much during cornering. The consistent wire diameter means that the characteristics of each spring in the range is similar, giving a consistent performance across the range. The spring stiffness increment between springs is very small, allowing fine adjustment of the suspension.

– Constant Wire Diameter
– Close Rate Increment
– Easy Identification
– Black Coated
– Precision Ground Ends
– Available as pairs or tuning sets of 5 pairs.

To enable the Big Bore Springs to be used on small bore shocks we have release 2 optional converters for the top of the spring, enabling better seating of the spring. The bottom of the spring fits regular small bore shock bottoms. CR190 and CR191

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Big Bore Spring Chart


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