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1up Racing Pro Duty Titanium LowPro Screws M3 x 6,0mm (10)

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1up Racing LowPro Titanium Screws – there is no better way to spruce up your car than with these great, and high quality screws. The ultra-chic head design is a direct replacement for traditional pan head screws, and removes as much unnecessary material as possible for the lightest weight possible.

After years of testing samples, 1upRacing has sourced the best grade 6AL4V (Grade 5) aerospace titanium available. Each bolt is cut with a CNC lathe to ensure the best possible strength and finish. All 1up Racing Pro Duty Titanium screws are manufactured to exacting standards.

If you are looking for the best quality and performance possible, choose 1up Racing to build your model car!

Contents: 10 Low Pro Titanium M3 x 6mm Screws

Installation Note: Most defective screws we see are caused by over tightening during installation. If you are having problems with screws coming out, use some locking varnish rather than over tightening the screws. This will ensure that the hex stays in great condition and your Pro Duty screws can be used again and again for years to come!