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Contact Foam Tyre Truer V3

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Get ready for the carpet season!

The awesome Contact Foam Tyre Truer has had an update with this new and improved V3 version.

New V3 version includes all the great features of the V2, but with thicker wires, a fused circuit and an improved quality switch.

The V2 version had improvements in the sliding mechanism for more accuracy and ease of use, these still remain on the V3.

The Contact tyre truer is a manually operated unit made from robust materials, including an excellent carbide cutting bit, usually found on much higher priced truers.

Special ‘Quick Skim’ feature to allow fast surface refresh of the tyres.
(The cutter can be moved by hand rather than turning the wheel)

Available with or without attractive carry bag.
– Suitable for 1/8th down to 1/12th sizes.
– Carbide cutting blade included.
– 12 volt DC input, with leads included. (Power supply required).
(If using a power supply we recommend a minimum of 10A)
– Plexi glass cover.
– Powerful motor.
– Universal fit arbors.
– Arbor not included, various types available separately.
– +- 3 deg cone adjustment.


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