Meny Lukk

Brand: Trinity

  • 145 kr NOK

    Tire Tweak Traction for Rubber and Foam Tires

    Tire tweak is the most popular tire conditioner for both R/C and slot car foam tires. Rub into tires the night before a race and let air dry. If damp the next morning, wipe off with dry rag before venturing out on thetrack. Tire tweak doesn’t soften your tires, but it restores the natural chemical grip of the tire.  Increased traction without accelerating tire wear. Quicker lap times because of greater cornering speed without bogging on the straightaways.

    • 4oz. dauber top bottle
    • Increases chemical grip of the tire by putting natural oils back into the tire
    • Works on Rubber and Foam Tires
    • No strong chemical smell, odorless
    • Race day prep for rubber and foam tires heavily coat tires, let soak 10-20 minutes and wipe off excess 5 minutes before race