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  • 1850 kr NOK

    From SKY RC D200neo AC/DC Multi-Function Smart Charger.

    A serious charger for the racer with a huge feature list!

    Charge Boldy
    Feel The Thrill
    Charge Faster, Play More, Ride & Trill!


    800W Charging-DC
    200W Charging-AC
    Arm Cortex-M4 MCU 1
    AC/DC Dual Input
    Dual Port Output
    20A Per Port
    Metal Scroll Control
    35A Parallel Charging
    Smart Power Distribution
    Digital Power Supply
    Smart Fan Control
    HyperBoost Algorithm
    40A Discharge 2
    PD 3.0 Output
    Battery Analyze Software 3
    SkyCharger app Control
    PD Charging Hub 5
    Intuitive Interface
    Color X Display
    Multi Languages

    Supercharged by Arm Cortex-M4
    Push your next RC racing trip beyond the edge with SkyRC D200neo!
    The Arm Cortex-M41 chip takes our most versatile, dual output D200neo into another dimension with a built-in DSP instruction. The chip core features a Floating Point Unit (FPU) that accelerates single precision floating point math operations and supports all ARM single precision instructions and data types.

    Multiplied by Proprietary HyperBoost
    Thanks to the 200 MHz ARM Microcontroller, the deployed Oversampling Technology can improve ADC Resolution to 16bit. The efficient PID mechanism can fine-tune the current to increase response speed and the charge current accuracy.

    AC/DC Dual Input.
    Efficient. Beyond.
    Dual ports work independently to charge two battery packs efficiently and simultaneously. RC hobbyists can flexibly choose AC or DC input according to the scenarios.
    In AC mode, the charging power is up to 200W, while the performance is even more powerful, up to 800W in DC mode. Whether you are a beginner or an RC guru engaging in racing, it is the charger to push the limits of what is possible.

    Parallel Charging: Fast. And Vast.
    D200neo features dual-port parallel charging, with a fast charge current of up to 35A. Enjoy your racing time, the screaming-fast D200neo has your back!
    Your battery packs have been fully charged while you are still brewing coffee! That is how you get supercharged by co-designing hardware, software, and MCU.
    Rise & Shine!

    Smart Power Distribution
    When a single port works, the D200neo will be pumping full power into that port!
    The charging power is dynamically and intelligently distributed in the circumstance that two ports work at the same time. Whenever either port finishes working, the other port will fully charge at full power.
    The total power is always used intelligently and efficiently!
    Charging is so flexible!

    So. Pro.
    So is Digital Power
    D200neo is not only professional in charging but also can act as a digital power supply. After clicks on the menu, D200neo is ready for your application, offering an optimal voltage of 5-27V with 0.1V increment, adjustable 1-15A current. Short circuit, Overload, and Reverse polarity protection are all included!

    Discharger, PD Hub & D200neo. Dream Team
    The newly-released BD350* discharger boasts a maximum discharge current of 40A when working with D200neo. Rapid discharging at such a rate is definitely your cutting edge.
    *BD350 & PD Power Charging Hub are optional parts and need to be purchased separately.

    Battery Health
    When working with BD3504, the D200neo charger can use the tailored SkyRC Charger Master3 to view or export the battery’s discharge curve in real time. Various batteries’ discharging curves can be plotted for precise comparison and analysis, so defective batteries have nowhere to hide.

    *BD350 & PD Power Charging Hub are optional parts and need to be purchased separately.

    20W USB-C Power Delivery
    D200neo features USB-C 3.0 Power Delivery (PD) to efficiently charge your 2020 MacBook Air at full speed, iPad Pro M1 and iPhone 13 series up to 3× faster than with an original 5W charger.
    The charger can supply DC power and pump electricity to your juice packs at the same time!

    Unleash Superpower with Cutting Edge Charger Master
    Connected to PC or Mac through USB-C, you can monitor and control D200neo with SkyRC Charger Master3. You can also update the charger like OTA, and synchronize the latest software in real-time with our cloud. Dis/charging data can be analyzed and displayed in a graph.

    Easy to charge, Easy on the eyes.
    Discover a new ColorX interface introduced by D200neo based on simple and textured visuals! The tailor-designed light cyan and green color scheme is for RC charging. It helps you focus on the setting. The Web2.0 responsive menu and well-designed icons make the operation more suitable for players accustomed to operating smartphones! Time to say bye-bye to dull typography and welcome bold and beautiful brand-new UI.
    Charging doesn’t have to be boring, and neither does life!

    Charge in your language
    ColorX is designed to be easily localized and comfortably engaged. The interface is currently available in English, Dutch, Chinese, French and Japanese*. Users can easily change the language with simple clicks so that they can charge in the most comfortable language.

    Universal Voltage.
    Travel On the Go.
    With the universal-voltage input circuit, you don’t need to hassle finding a voltage converter between 110V and 220V while traveling around!

    We are Certified, We are Qualified!
    SkyRC products comply with the laws and regulations into each country we ship.
    Our products are designed, tested and approved to meet worldwide standards for Product Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility and other regulatory compulsory requirements, when used for their intended purpose.

    Size and Weight

    Case Material: Plastic
    Case Size: 116*110*79mm
    Weight: 602g

    Display Type: Color X

    DC Input Voltage: 10-30V
    AC Input Voltage : 100-240V

    Charger power:
    AC: 200W MAX
    DC: 800W MAX

    Discharge power:
    Main port: 10W
    Balance port: 37W MAX
    External discharge: 350W MAX

    20W USB-C Power Delivery:
    QC3.0: 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓2A, 12V⎓1.5A 18W
    PD: 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓2.2A, 12V⎓1.67A 20W

    Battery Types/Cells:
    LiPo/LiHV/LiFe/LiIon: 1-6cells
    NiMH/NiCd: 4-15cells
    Pb: 3S/6S/12S

    Charge and Discharge
    Charge current

    Discharge current
    External discharge:0.1-40.0A2

    Balance current
    LiPo/LiFe/LiIon/LiHV:1.5A MAX

    LiPo/LiFe/LiIon/LiHV: Balance, Charge, Discharge, Storage, Parallel
    NiMH/NiCd: Charge, Cycle, Re-peak, Discharge
    Pb: Normal, AGM Charge, Cold Charge, Discharge

  • 460 kr NOK

    Camber and Toe Gauge Gets Bluetooth
    With a nonstop passion for RC car racing, SkyRC upgraded its mechanical predecessor with Bluetooth.
    The must-have RC Gears app definitely brings smartness to this gauge. Now our racers can measure the RC car’s camber and toe angle and read the data on the phone and on the fly!
    RC suspension tuning made easy and smarter!

    Watch your Toes & Camber
    When it comes to RC grade racing, so many adjustments can contribute to the handling and performance of the vehicle.
    Adjusting Camber and Toe are vital adjustments to affect how your touring car performs on the straights and the turns.
    Toe In/Toe Out can be adjusted to increase or decrease steering and steering response.

    Camber is the relationship of the tire to the ground, such that a tire that is perpendicular to the racing surface has zero camber. If the top of the tire leans in toward the car, it has negative camber; likewise, a tire that leans outward at the top has positive camber. Most RC touring cars will benefit from a negative camber degree, resulting in a slightly wider width and more static tire grip on the track surface, benefiting the turns and reducing roll-overs.

    Wheels Setup is a breeze now
    On your setup wheels, in your race wheels, or next to your setup station, CTG-015 will give you incredibly accurate readings on the camber angle of your wheels.
    The toe-tuning and camber-adjusting allow you to achieve your perfect tire wear and traction point.
    This accurate gauge allows you to tweak your camber and camber gain settings, finding peace of mind that you are following a precise, replicable and trustworthy measurement tool.
    All data can be read and kept on the phone!

    High Accuracy
    The data tested by the gauge has high reliability and accuracy. The measurement is accurate up to 0.2 degrees, bringing a better experience to our racers.

    Accuracy Meets Craftsmanship
    High-hardness aluminum is selected for the case, and strict CNC machining guarantees the stability and reliability that is dust-proof and has strong impact resistance.

    Bluetooth 5.0
    Faster & More Stable
    SkyRC CTG-015 Digital Camber Gauge is built with Bluetooth 5.0, which enables a faster and more stable connection. The app instantly displays real-time data once connected.

    Everything is connected
    Camber & Toe Gauge has its own app finally!
    The app receives and records the races’ angle data in real-time via Bluetooth!
    Angular adjustment is made easy!

    Small & Portable
    SkyRC Camber & Toe Gauge is even smaller than half iPhone 13 in size, convenient to carry around.
    Universal Charging Port
    The charge port is USB Type-C which is accepted as the de facto connector today, so most mobile phone cables can easily handle the charging.

    How to achieve toe measuring?
    1. Hold the car kit vertically on the setup station
    2. Hold the gauge against the wheel, and read the value through the app, with peace of mind achieving a very accurate measurement of toe-in and toe-out.

    Size and Weight
    Dimension: 45x12x80mm
    Weight: 53g

    Working Data
    Input Voltage: 5V
    Input Current: 200-300mA
    Interface: Type C
    Battery Type: 3.7V LiPo
    Battery Capacity: 200mAh
    Working Voltage: 3.4-4.2V
    Working Current: <10mA
    Low-voltage Protection: <3.4V (Flashes Red)
    Measuring Range: ±17.5°
    Measuring Accuracy: ±0.2°
    Working Temperature: 0℃-50℃
    Working Humidity: 5%-90% (None-condensation)
    Storage Temperature: -10℃-50℃
    Storage Humidity: 1%-75% (None-condensation)

    Includes usb/micro usb charging cable.

    The Sky RC app is available from the App Store or Google Play.

    *Unlikely to fit 1/10th Off Road cars if wheel and tyre is used and mounted, but it would depend on the wheel/tyre combo used. This is due to the clearance of the nut and gauge.*

  • 990 kr NOK

    SKY RC set-up system fits all 1/10 Off Road cars.
    It is designed to precisely measure and set your cars’ camber, toe, steering lock and has caster markings.
    A well-adjusted car will show a great performance on track and help you win races!

    Supplied in a nice carry case.

  • 170 kr NOK

    Improved silicone tyre warmer cups for 1/1th touring.

    The silicone cup makes tyre heating more even.

    Fits SKY RC tyre warmers and other brands.

  • 290 kr NOK

    Motor or ESC failure is often caused by heat!
    Heat and electronics do not mix.  Electronics are more efficient and reliable at lower temperatures. Running your motor and ESC as cool as possible is always a good idea. If you keep them cool, they should last longer and most likely increase your runtime.

    Right Temperature for Peak Performance
    In all forms of powered RC gearing, the operating temperature of the main driving motor or engine is an important factor to consider for longevity and performance. The correct operating temperature will depend on the load or conditions the motor/engine must drive.
    The operating temperature for gas, nitro engines has different characteristics and impacts on overall performance. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the specific requirements and optimal operating temperature for your particular motor or nitro engine to ensure that it operates at peak performance and lasts as long as possible.

    Know The Heat Before It Destroys Your RC Equipment
    When it comes to RC racing, Motors, speed controllers and batteries are some of the most expensive components. Most RC hobbyists, even gurus, have blown up one of these at some point and know the feeling of burning dollars to replace it or waiting weeks for repair.

    Set Up with Data, Not Guess work.
    Checking the motor’s temperature is the most effective way to keep it from burning out.
    The usual way to check your temps is to get a temp gun. However, such a thermometer can only give you an instant reading at a time. And it can never measure and save the continuous, ever-changing thermograph during the real RC runtime!
    To make an educated decision on Set Up, SkyRC introduces Thermologger Duo to record and generate a visual thermograph!

    Dual Channel & RC Expert Grade Accuracy
    The Thermologger Duo provides precise temperature measurement with a rapid response time. Its accuracy ranges from ±2.0℃(35.6℉) for temperatures between -20℃(-4℉) and 100℃(212℉) to ±2% for temperatures over 100℃(212℉). With K-type thermocouple temperature sensors that meet industrial standards, RC drivers can easily measure contact temperature on various components, such as motors, ESC, heatsinks, and wires. The dual-channel feature of the Thermologger Duo allows drivers to measure two different contacts simultaneously, effectively making it a portable two-channel telemetry thermal station!
    The Thermologger Duo boasts a wide temperature detection range of -20℃-210℃(-4℉-410℉), and its sampling interval is adjustable from 1 to 5 seconds, making it suitable for most RC uses.

    Measure on The Go!
    With its built-in Bluetooth, the Thermologger Duo allows instant communication via a mobile app, saying goodbye to cables.
    Through the RC Gears app, you can easily read data, check thermographs, and troubleshoot problems, all while building successful modifications and maximizing runtime.
    Using the free app, you can capture mechanical, electrical, and thermal measurements from this wireless-enabled thermologger. Measurements can be saved to your records, and you can reference them anytime from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.
    Additionally, you can conveniently share measurements with other RC drivers via text or email, showing them exactly what you’re set up is.

    Easy to Use
    Thermologger Duo is designed for easy installation in the field. The two pairs of 30 cm thermocouple wires are cut-to-length for many applications.
    The set also includes high-quality copper foil stickers with excellent electrical conductivity, adhesion, flexibility, and temperature resistance. The stickers are made of flexible copper that can adapt to almost any shape.
    Mount the logger with a fastener, cut the wires, and mount with a sticker; you are all set!

    Better Over Time
    The App will prompt whenever an update is detected! You can update the firmware to Thermologger Duo over OTA(On the Air), thanks to Bluetooth!

    Tiny with a Long Battery Life
    Thermologger Duo is compact in size, but it boasts a long battery life. It is powered by a CR2450 coin cell battery, which is included with the device and lasts for approximately ninety-six hours of continuous work* under normal operation. When the battery eventually runs out, it can be easily replaced.
    *A ninety-six hour battery life is tested by SkyRC labs. There may be some slight differences in the battery life for different batteries and scenarios. Please refer to the actual product for it.


    Size: 38*30*16mm
    Weight: Approx. 17.5g
    Working Voltage: 2.4V~3.6V
    Working Current: <4.6mA@DC3V
    Battery Type: CR2450 3V Lithium Coin Battery
    Measurement Range: -20℃~210℃ (-4℉~410℉)
    Measurement Accuracy:
    -20℃~100℃(-4℉~212℉): ±2.0℃(35.6℉)
    >100℃(212℉): ±2%
    Thermocouple Cable Length: 30cm
    Thermocouple Type: Type K
    Communication: BLE 5.0
    Range: ≤15m Working Temperature: 0℃~40℃(32℉~104℉)
    Working Humidity: 5%-90%(no condensation)
    Storage Temperature: -10℃~50℃(14℉~122℉)
    Storage Humidity: 1%-75%(no condensation)

  • 695 kr NOK

    SkyRC T100 er ett godt valg for deg som ønsker å ha mulighet til å lade 2 batterier samtidig og hovedsaklig bruker 2-4cellers LiPo. SkyRC T100 har en makseffekt på 50W på hver av de to separate ladeutgangene, og maks ladestyrke er 5A. Laderen har også innebygget balanserer og XT60-type tilkoblingspunkter.

    SkyRC T100 er en god multilader som kan lade LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, LiIon, NiHm, NiCd og Pb batterier. Laderen går på vanlig nettstrøm 220V. Laderen har to ladeutganger, og hver av de har max ladestyrke på 50W/5A, så på hver av utgangene kan 2cell LiPo lades på 5A, 3cell LiPo kan da lades på ca 4,5A. Ett 4cell LiPo på ca 3A.

    Det følger med 220V strømkabel, batterier med XT60-kontakt kobles direkte i XT60-utgang på laderen. Skal man lade batterier med annen type batteriplugg må overgang benyttes, dette må kjøpes løst. XH-balanseringsplugg plugges direkte i balanseringsutgangen på lader.


    Vekt 500gram
    Innspenning AC 100-240V
    Display LCD
    Størrelse 100x90x127mm
    Backlight Ja
    Antall celler LiPo 2-4
    Antall celler NiMh/NiCD 6-8
    PB 6/12V
    Ladestyrke 0.1-5,0A
    Maks Ladeeffekt 2x50W
    Utladeeffekt 300mA/celle
    Minne 10 modellminner
  • 1085 kr NOK

    From SKY RC are these upgraded tyre warmers for 1/10th Touring, with improved silicone cups.

    The latest Tyre Warmer with the silicone warming cup makes heating more even, gives better heat preservation. Preheating the rubber tyre surface increases the rubber’s friction coefficient and enhances its grip on the track surface. Racing for RC hobbyists is made easy! Sky RC Tyre Warmers will definitely give you the advantage of tyre-readiness whenever you roll out onto the track.

    DC Jack
    On the left side of the Tyre Warmer is a jack for the DC connection. To achieve the optimum warm-up effect, the DC power must continuously provide 12V voltage with a current of 8A.

    XT60 Connector
    On the right side of the tyre warmer is the generic built-in XT60 connector, which allows powering the tyre warmer with a 4S LiPo battery pack. No adaptors are necessary.

    Special Features
    1.Dual Power Source: 4S LiPo battery pack and 12-18V DC input.
    2.Front & Rear temperature can be set independently
    3.Temperature of 4 tires is controlled by MCU
    4.Removable front & rear tire warmers
    5.Eight different beep tones
    6.Minimum temperature
    7.Celsius – Fahrenheit selectable display
    8.Four LED indicators
    9.Safety timer

    Intuitive User Interface

    Large LCD Display Screen

    Four LED indicators

    Includes tyre warmer unit, 2 pairs of silicone cups, DC input cable with crocodile clips and instructions.

  • T200 Dual Balance Charger

    Sendes fra fjernlager

    1290 kr NOK
    T200 comes ready to charge in the most compact design yet while taking up minimal space in the pit area. Only taking up about as much bench space as a pair of battery packs, the charger delivers dedicated 100W integrated power per each of the two complete charging circuits. Inside the case, there’s enough transformer power to fill two batteries simultaneously at up to 12 amps each, that you can pump life into everything from a receiver pack to a 6S LiPo or 15S NiMH or NiCD. All the programmability you expect of a modern higher-level charger is built in!