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Brand: SkyRC

  • 120 kr NOK

    10mm droop blocks from SKY RC

  • 170 kr NOK

    Improved silicone tyre warmer cups for 1/1th touring.

    The silicone cup makes tyre heating more even.

    Fits SKY RC tyre warmers and other brands.

  • 695 kr NOK

    SkyRC T100 er ett godt valg for deg som ønsker å ha mulighet til å lade 2 batterier samtidig og hovedsaklig bruker 2-4cellers LiPo. SkyRC T100 har en makseffekt på 50W på hver av de to separate ladeutgangene, og maks ladestyrke er 5A. Laderen har også innebygget balanserer og XT60-type tilkoblingspunkter.

    SkyRC T100 er en god multilader som kan lade LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, LiIon, NiHm, NiCd og Pb batterier. Laderen går på vanlig nettstrøm 220V. Laderen har to ladeutganger, og hver av de har max ladestyrke på 50W/5A, så på hver av utgangene kan 2cell LiPo lades på 5A, 3cell LiPo kan da lades på ca 4,5A. Ett 4cell LiPo på ca 3A.

    Det følger med 220V strømkabel, batterier med XT60-kontakt kobles direkte i XT60-utgang på laderen. Skal man lade batterier med annen type batteriplugg må overgang benyttes, dette må kjøpes løst. XH-balanseringsplugg plugges direkte i balanseringsutgangen på lader.


    Vekt 500gram
    Innspenning AC 100-240V
    Display LCD
    Størrelse 100x90x127mm
    Backlight Ja
    Antall celler LiPo 2-4
    Antall celler NiMh/NiCD 6-8
    PB 6/12V
    Ladestyrke 0.1-5,0A
    Maks Ladeeffekt 2x50W
    Utladeeffekt 300mA/celle
    Minne 10 modellminner
  • 850 kr NOK

    From SKY RC are these upgraded tyre warmers for 1/10th Touring, with improved silicone cups.

    The latest Tyre Warmer with the silicone warming cup makes heating more even, gives better heat preservation. Preheating the rubber tyre surface increases the rubber’s friction coefficient and enhances its grip on the track surface. Racing for RC hobbyists is made easy! Sky RC Tyre Warmers will definitely give you the advantage of tyre-readiness whenever you roll out onto the track.

    DC Jack
    On the left side of the Tyre Warmer is a jack for the DC connection. To achieve the optimum warm-up effect, the DC power must continuously provide 12V voltage with a current of 8A.

    XT60 Connector
    On the right side of the tyre warmer is the generic built-in XT60 connector, which allows powering the tyre warmer with a 4S LiPo battery pack. No adaptors are necessary.

    Special Features
    1.Dual Power Source: 4S LiPo battery pack and 12-18V DC input.
    2.Front & Rear temperature can be set independently
    3.Temperature of 4 tires is controlled by MCU
    4.Removable front & rear tire warmers
    5.Eight different beep tones
    6.Minimum temperature
    7.Celsius – Fahrenheit selectable display
    8.Four LED indicators
    9.Safety timer

    Intuitive User Interface

    Large LCD Display Screen

    Four LED indicators

    Includes tyre warmer unit, 2 pairs of silicone cups, DC input cable with crocodile clips and instructions.

  • 1290 kr NOK
    T200 comes ready to charge in the most compact design yet while taking up minimal space in the pit area. Only taking up about as much bench space as a pair of battery packs, the charger delivers dedicated 100W integrated power per each of the two complete charging circuits. Inside the case, there’s enough transformer power to fill two batteries simultaneously at up to 12 amps each, that you can pump life into everything from a receiver pack to a 6S LiPo or 15S NiMH or NiCD. All the programmability you expect of a modern higher-level charger is built in!