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Brand: MR33

  • Available now is MR33’s new V3 Asphalt additive. It was developed especially for the use on asphalt as it is slightly thicker than the previous version. Furthermore the new formula was created to reduce the aggressiveness on tyres. This effect is a benefit especially for Formula cars that had to deal with some problems last season but the V3 test results showed high traction and less tyre wear. The traction compound comes in 100ml bottle with sponge applicator.

  • With the universal MR33 steel battery weight you can get the balance in your car close to perfection while lowering the center of gravity at the same moment. The weight is only 0.6mm thick and has a total weight of 28g. It will fit perfectly under every standard size 2S lipo pack and is a great setup option if you use very light packs between 220 and 260g in your car.

  • MR33 offers some different “under lipo weights” for the very popular Yokomo YZ-2 Buggy. The steel weights can be installed very quickly under the shorty battery and you can fine tune the handling of your YZ-2 in a very noticeable way with the range of MR33 weights!

  • MR33 Battery Hard Case Bag, Shorty and Long Packs

    The new MR33 Lipo carrying bag offers space for 6 standard or shorty Lipo batteries (2S). Foam inserts can be used to adjust the size of the pockets between shortys and normal size lipos. The bag comes in black color with the new MR33 logo and a zipper for easy handling. There is no better way to stow and transport your batteries to the next racetrack!
    Note: The case is NO lipo safebag for charging!

    External Dimension: 20x16x6cm
    Inner Dimension: 22x17x6,5cm

  • The MR33 product line has a new member: The all new “Circle Droop Gauge“! The new gauge comes in a circle design (diameter: 40mm) and will make exact droop adjustments more easy from now on. Because of its compact circle design, the full machined and black anodized aluminum part will fit perfectly under all 1:10 scale on-road cars and will not touch the chassis, bumper or wishbone anymore while adjusting the droop.
    The droop can be adjusted in 0.2mm steps from 4.0 to 6.6mm which is the perfect range for the most 1:10 scale on-road racing cars. All common 10mm Droop Blocks can be used with the new “Circle Droop Gauge”. With it`s silver chamfered edges the new product will look absolutely familiar with all the other MR33 products and will be an eye catcher on your pit table for sure. The laser engraved MR33 logo is a perfect finish on this latest product from MR33!

  • MR33 Cooling Fan 30mm Incl. Extend Cable

    95 kr NOK
  • MR33 Cooling Fan 40mm Incl. Extend Cable

    95 kr NOK
  • The new MR33 electronic case offers many different options to carry motors, speedos, servos, receivers and other small components. The foam insert protects your stuff perfectly when traveling to the racetrack. The bag is black and carries the MR33 logo for a cool look. The zipper for opening and closing ensures an easy handling.
    Protect your electronics in style – with the new MR33 electronic case!

    External Dimension: 20x16x6cm
    Inner Dimension: 22x17x6,5cm

  • The new MR33 oil bag presents the new MR33 logo and comes with a foam insert which makes the transport of shock oil as easy as it was never before! The insert has 12 openings which allow you to stow most of the common oil bottles in the bag (such as MR33 and Hudy for example). You can stow some documents or small parts in the top cover`s zipped area too. It is a great bag so get it now quickly!


    MR33 Oil Bag

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  • The black and beautiful MR33 shock stand is a very helpful tool in the pits while maintaining your shocks. You can use it with almost every 1:10 scale onroad shock on the market and while wrenching, you can also carry some small parts on the tray in the lower section of the shock stand. The shock stand fits into the RIDE Air Remover as well so it is a very clever solution to have this aluminum stand on your pit table from today on! The silver chamfered edges look great and the famous “33” on the top makes it a full member of the MR33 family!

    245 kr NOK
  • MR33 proudly presents the next member of the „Hard Case Bag“ family. This time it is all about tools!

    You can stow away a complete set of tools in the included foam inserts. One insert is for up to five allen wrenches and two hex drivers. The second insert is made to carry droop blocks, height gauges, scissors, the multi shock tool and the circle droop gauge. The inserts simply get placed over each other in the hard case bag!


    MR33 Tool bag

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  • The big version of the MR33 Tool Bag series provides a lot of space for a lot of tools and other RC-stuff.
    The inner dimensions are 24 x 18 x 6 cm and the MR33 logo is a great finish for this MR33 product!

    175 kr NOK